Polish Mail Order Wife: How To Win Her?

Polish Mail Order Wife: How To Win Her?

Each nation has its own characteristics. Ukrainian brirdes are famous for their beauty, others for their stubborn nature. And what are Polish mail order brides famous for? It is no accident that a Polish bride is considered an enviable bride – we will tell you about the main features of the mentality of the inhabitants of this country. These features are suitable for men but Poland brides do not lag behind their fellow countrymen.

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Features of Polish brides

These features are suitable for men but Poland brides do not lag behind their fellow countrymen.

  • Industriousness. According to a recent report by the European Commission, the Poles and Polish wives are second in the ranking of the most hardworking nations. On average, professionally active Poles work 42.5 hours a week. As the Polish proverb says, “No work, no pie.” Indeed, a responsible attitude to work is a typically Polish trait.
  • Hospitality. There is another Polish proverb: “Guest to the house, God to the house.” Hospitality plays a key role in Polish culture and for Poland girls for marriage. Poles love to invite guests and treat them with delicious homemade dishes. Polish hospitality peaks on Christmas and Easter, when many relatives and friends gather at the festive table.
  • Democracy. Poland is often called “Young democracy”. But in fact, Polish democracy originated in the XIV century, when the first nationwide Polish parliament – the Sejm – convened. Throughout the twentieth century, the Poles fought for their freedom: that is why democratic values ​​are so highly valued here. Every Polish mail order wife has kept this feature in family life – they are flexible and open-hearted.
  • Strong spirit. Some grunt incredulously upon hearing that the Poles are inflexible: after all, Poland has not been on the map of Europe for a hundred years. And yet it was precisely this opinion of the Poles, for example, that the great Argentine writer Luis Borges had. There are many reasons for this. After Poland was divided by neighboring powers, the Poles rebelled again and again. Yes, most of the uprisings ended in a painful defeat but even this did not break the Polish national spirit – the Poles simply began to prepare for the next riot. What do we have today? Free and prosperous Poland!
  • Courage. Concerning all the historical aspects, there is no surprise that Polish people are really brave and courageous. It manifests in ordinary life too as mail order Polish brides are known as confident ones, knowing exactly what they need.
  • Resourcefulness. In 1940, Poland experienced a shortage of goods and empty store shelves. Under such conditions, the Poles involuntarily had to be smart. This feature has been kept till nowadays despite the situation has completely changed. A modern Polish woman knows how to make a dinner from nothing and will never get bored – she is too smart for this!
  • Enterprise. After the fall of communism in Poland, everyone could start their own business. Then it became clear how entrepreneurial the nation was. Very many ventured into their own business, taking advantage of the capabilities of the new capitalist system. Some Polish companies, for example, the bus and tram manufacturer Solaris or the Polish video game developer, have established themselves in the global market.
  • Love of nature. Foreigners are pleasantly surprised that in the summer, at every corner real forest blueberries are sold. Poles often and willingly go to the forest for berries and mushrooms. And this is wonderful: it is the most wholesome and ecologically clean food in the world!

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Is it difficult to date a Polish girl?

Often, there is an opinion that Polish girls for marriage are the best. So, even if they are not endowed with great natural beauty, they will carefully hide their own flaws with makeup and fashionable clothes. But what about their inner world? Is it difficult to date a Polish girl?

The difficult history of Poland, especially in the 19th century, had a strong impact on the formation of the character of Polish women. The loss of independence, a series of riots, repressions, and the deportation of male patriots led to an abnormal situation when caring for the family and raising children became the responsibility of the woman. As a result of this, the image of the ideal “Polish mother” was strengthened for a long time: the guardian of the family hearth responsible for raising children.

Church issue

This example of female behavior is preserved in modern society and is also actively supported by the Catholic Church. Despite the fact that it was the Germans who invented the famous formula of the three letters K (‘Kinder, Kirche, Kuche’, which translates as ‘Children, Church, Kitchen’), it is ideal for the Polish mentality. Even in the 21st century, family and children are most important for an average Polish woman (whom she often cares too much about and does not allow them to grow up very early). The hierarchy of values ​​is as follows: family, health, motherhood, security, and happy relationships. Successful relationships are important for women because most of them believe that it is a man who must earn money to support a family. Therefore, the most necessary qualities of a man are caring, responsibility, hard work, and resourcefulness. (Note that they do not seek to find intellectuals!)

Belief in God

It is important for Polish girls to live in harmony and believe in God. Therefore, such a highly conservative image of Polish women, taking shape on the basis of various studies, can greatly attract men who are in search of a reliable, devoted and submissive wife who calmly accepts men’s weaknesses because they do not need a woman who prefers freedom. In this area, Polish women have gone through centuries of education. For a Polish girl, the role of a mother, wife, lover, family nurse, teacher, cook, and nanny is the closest (first, her own children, and then grandchildren).

How well they cook?

The characteristic features of the image of Polish women attracting foreigners to date Polish women include the ability to cook well. Most women cannot afford restaurants. So, many of them really love to cook, bake, and perform other kitchen duties. The answer to the question about the attractiveness of a Polish woman depends on what qualities men are trying to see in her. Adherents of traditions who appreciate calmness and hominess, attaching great importance to the appearance of women will certainly welcome such an image.


Representatives of the new generation are also religious (support traditions!). However, they value personal freedom. One thing remains unchanged – a lot of attention to appearance and no less interest in fashion and cosmetics. She takes care of herself and looks great – this is impossible not to notice. That is why the Polish women are such beautiful wives – faithful and loving, caring, beautiful, and gentle.