Slovakian Girls For Marriage: Perfect Wives And Companions

Slovakian Girls For Marriage: Perfect Wives And Companions

Amongst all mail order brides, Slovakian mail order brides are not widely known in the Western world. But we hope that with this article, things will change. So, a Slovakian girl for marriage – what’s she like?

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Traits of Slovak women and their motherland

About a country

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  • Slovakia is a country without exit to the sea, bordering with Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria. It is a very tiny country with a population of 5.5 million people (in terms of comparison, it is equal to the population of such states as South Carolina, Minnesota, Colorado or Wisconsin). In other words, pretty small – the city of New York is bigger!
  • This is one of the most picturesque countries in the world – with mesmerizing nature with a mild continental climate, over 180 Middle-Ages’ castles, some of which are included in UNESCO’s world’s heritage list. There are over 6 thousand caves (with some open to visitors), filled with 9 national parks, and 14 protected areas of landscape with rivers, mountains, waterfalls, and whopping 1,300 mineral springs! You can travel to most part of the country by train (which some categories of citizens may travel for free).
  • They have Euro as the national currency since they are in the EU (it’s unlikely that ‘Slovak-xit’ will ever be initiated, as people there happy to live in a thriving economy).

About Slovakian females

  • Unique beauty of mail-order brides, which is far from mostly Asian-looking Russians with almond-cut eyes and yellowish skin. Slovaks are closer to Nordic beauty, with women possessing luxurious white or black curls, wide-open eyes, white teeth, thin lines of faces, and American-ish style of the general look of the white face (rounded cheeks and noses, the direct look of eyes, shaped brows, and light-tanned skin).
  • Some Slovakian girls have astounding gray or gray-green eyes, which, combined with sensual lips and often curly hair will drive wild any man! You might be surprised how many top bloggers and fashion models from Slovakia follow this type of beauty. To name a few loud names, which overthrow you, it’s quite enough to mention parents or grandparents of those: Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn, Paul Newman, Andy Warhol, Jon Bon Jovi, and Ivan Reitman.
  • Slovak girls can boast with health. Living in the heart of Europe, they have one of the biggest freshwater natural supplies. There is a lake there, which water you can drink just scooping from it with your hands.
  • Many Slovakia ladies have some exciting hobby or business that’s often connected to folk arts. Spend some time to travel to Slovakia for numerous festivals or fairs to learn how true this is.
  • One of Slovakian personality traits of women, which is often cherished by Western men is low childbirth rate (1.3 children per 1 childbearing-aged woman in the country), which corresponds to the model of a family on the West, where 1-2 children are perfectly enough. Marrying Asian, you’d have to deal with her ardent desire to have 2-4 kids, which aren’t economically awesome.
  • Local cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world yet simple and nutritious (it often includes potato, meat, cheese, and sausages). Also, they love to booze – in line with Americans, Canadians, and Brits. So dating a Slovakian woman is an appealing undertaking, which will make you have a wife, who’s never gonna leave you hungry. You will eat so much and yummy only with a wife from Germany (but there are no pretty German women in the world) or Latin America (but they’re too hot and sexy for many, not having a refined elegance of Slovak girls at all).
  • Your future wife is likely to be well-educated, as 90% of Slovaks have completed at least secondary education. They all are literal (that makes Slovaks one of the most educated nations in the world). And, despite braininess, Slovak women love to marry young (generally, in the age of 24, which is younger than most of their neighbors).


You will make one of the most righteous moves in your life as you marry a woman from Slovakia. On average, she is amazingly beautiful, loves to eat delicious yet healthy cuisine, drinks moderately, doesn’t smoke, well-educated, has Nordic beauty and character, and well-seasoned like a wine in your wine closet. So why hesitating? Start your searches of a wife from this country right now!